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Crooked / Misaligned Teeth

Young patient with braces on her teeth

Crooked or Misaligned Teeth

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Dental Implants (Effects of Single Tooth Loss)

Dental Implants and Effect of a Single Tooth Loss



                        BEFORE                                                            AFTER


This case is about a patient who was concerned about loosing a back tooth which had old Root Canal and crown. Tooth crown broke and was non-restorable since crown broke far below gum line which makes replacement with another crown less successful. The remaining tooth root was removed and patient was sent back for healing. One of the options is always not to replace a back tooth since it is not visible in your mouth. However, this will have long term following effects on your dentition:

  • Lost chewing ability due to loss of tooth.
  • Movement of adjacent teeth to close space left by tooth removal.
  • Because of movement of other teeth, other teeth may develop their own gum/root problems and may eventually need to be removed.
  • Opposing tooth may start erupting further than normal position to since there is nothing to stop further eruption and may develop future problems.
  • There is further loss of bone where tooth was lost only way to stop bone loss is placement of dental implant.

Consequently, patient above chose to replace the tooth with Dental Implant. An implant was placed and a crown was attached to implant restoring patient’s function, esthetics and dental health to optimum level.

Replacement options after Tooth Loss

There are many replacement options available for a tooth loss:

  • Dental Implant.
  • Fixed Partial Denture (Bridge).
  • Removable Partial Denture.

Why Dental Implant is best option?

Dental implant, if feasible, is considered to be best option due to following reasons:

  • Provides longest lasting restoration.
  • Minimum maintenance needed as compared to bridge/removable partial denture.
  • No need to adjusting/shaving of adjacent healthy teeth.
  • Provides maximum chewing functions.
  • Provides best esthetic result.
  • Can be cleaned with brushing and flossing like other natural teeth.
  • Does not need to be removed and kept outside of mouth like Removable dentures during sleep.





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