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Dental Veneers

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Dental Insurance


Dental Insurance

History of Dental Insurance

Concept of dental insurance started in late 1960s and it was considered to cover cost of all dental work for individual having a dental insurance policy. The cost of dental treatment was considerably affordable e.g. The cost of crown was about $90 / crown. However, the maximum for dental insurance was around $1000 annual. The annual of dental insurance is still close to $1000 – $2000, however the cost of dental treatment has gone up considerably e.g. A similar dental crown costs now around $1200. Dental insurance has also structured benefit levels for coverage now.

Benefit Levels

Most dental insurance policies have Benefit levels now. Following are the most common benefit levels:

Level 1 – Preventive/Diagnostic Dental Services: Most dental insurance plans cover these services at 100%. Since Easel Dental and your dental insurance is concerned about maintaining your dental health at optimum level, We encourage you to utilize these services and take benefit of these services. Utilizing preventive services like Regular Dental Cleanings (Oral Prophylaxis), Regular check up and treatments like Fluoride application and sealants are helpful to prevent development of Dental Caries and Gum Diseases.

Level 2 – Basic Dental Services: Endodontic/Periodontic/Basic Oral Surgical procedures: Root Canals, Phase I Gum Treatments and basic extraction services are usually covered at 80% by most dental plans. However, you must be aware of your individual dental plan benefit level for these services.

Level 3 – Major Services: Dental Implants, Dentures, Crowns and Bridges are usually covered at 50-60% by most dental insurance plans.


At Easel Dental, we will be available to answer any questions you might have about your dental insurance. However, ultimately, you should be responsible to know about your dental insurance benefit levels. Please ask your Employer’s HR Department for Plan Document of your policy to check all benefits, exclusions, waiting periods and non benefit clauses.

At Easel Dental, we provide you the service to check you benefits without any cost to you prior to your dental visit, estimate your co-payment and collect that copayment at the time your services are being rendered. However, if your insurance payment is different after claim is processed, you will be responsible for the difference.


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