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Sterilization Area

Sterilization Area

Sterilzation Area at Essel Dental offers:

  • Modern in Office Sterilization and monitoring system for instruments.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning of Instruments.
  • Storing of Sterilized Instruments.

Our Team as Essel Dental is equipped to manage infection control and we follow strict CDC (Centre of Disease Control) Guidelines for Dental Office Infection Control.

Treatment Room / Operatory

Treatment Room / Operatory

Essel Dental has a state of the art and moderan treatment rooms which offer:

  • Digital Radiography which offer extremely low Radiation Dose as compared to conventional Film Systems.
  • Watching your favorite Movie/Show during Treatment on TV/Monitor.
  • Patient Education Softwares and Guides for your understanding of your Dental Procedures.

You can watch your intra-oral pictures/x-rays on screen and have a clear understanding of your treatment.

Reception at Essel Dental

Reception at Essel Dental

Essel Dental has a warm reception for your comfort with:

  • Seating and Relaxing area for you and your family.
  • Small play area for kids.
  • Free beverages and Wi-Fi for our patients.

You can check in on Essel Dental Facebook, Fill out new patient forms on Kiosk or online.



Essel Dental is located:

  • on Route 5 (South Main Street in East Windsor, CT).
  • in Riverview Plaza. (Exit 44 from freeway 91, turn right and look for Riverview Plaza on Right Side.
  • Next to Asia Grocers and Tomatoes. (Opposite Pascos Commons).

Ample parking is available on-site.



44 S Main St., East Windsor, CT 06088
Phone: (860) 254-6955
Fax: (860) 254-6956

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